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Album: ICML 2012

June 25 - July 2, 2012
Edinburgh, Scotland
Last change: 07/12/12
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Album: Olympia

September 9-12, 2011
I took the train to Olympia, WA, to visit Marcy. What a fabulous weekend!
Last change: 09/13/11
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Album: Corvallis
Last change: 09/22/11
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Album: Moving to Oregon
Last change: 08/23/11
Contains: 14 items.
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Album: Sydney

August 21-29, 2010
I visited the Australia Telescope National Facility for work purposes, then did some sight-seeing around Sydney. Beautiful!
Last change: 10/31/10
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Album: Edinburgh

March 26-30, 2010
I took a side trip to Scotland from Manchester.
Last change: 04/18/10
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Album: Manchester, U.K.

March 20-25, 2010
I visited Manchester, U.K., for the SKA meeting.
Last change: 04/16/10
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Highlight for Album: Oregon Trails
Album: Oregon Trails

July 1-6, 2009
I rode the Coast Starlight train 22 hours north to Klamath Falls, then spent five days driving and hiking around southern Oregon and the coast. Gorgeous!
Last change: 04/16/10
Contains: 85 items.
Last comment 10/06/09.
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Highlight for Album: ICML 2009: Montreal, Canada
Album: ICML 2009: Montreal, Canada

June 14-19, 2009
Last change: 04/16/10
Contains: 14 items.
Last comment 06/21/09.
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