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How far would you go to stay “in sim”?

The goal of this exercise is to live and work in a simulated Mars environment. But obviously we aren’t actually on Mars, and it is physically possible to go outside and breathe the atmosphere here (although it has been so cold that actually surviving the night outside the Hab would be challenging!). So [...]

Whither do we wander?

We’ve added a new EVA page to this site that lists all of our out-of-Hab activity, with Google Earth visualizations of the track, EveryTrail slideshows of the pictures we took along the way, and Garmin Connect plots of our elevation and heartrate data. Big thanks go to Brian for bringing the GPS logger and [...]

Sol 5: Operations out in the snow

It’s been another snowy day here, although the temperature got up to 50 F and the snow is rapidly melting. We foresee mud in our futures!
This morning, our Internet service went out again. Brian and I suited up to go out and again knock snow off the satellite receiver. Rather than going [...]

Visions of Mars, or lack thereof

Although today’s snow unfortunately canceled all ATV related EVAs, Luis happily suggested a biology related pedestrian EVA. Brian, Luis and I set out in the early afternoon with nominal EVA gear, headlamps to see each other better in the snow conditions, and Luis’ biology sampling kit. Our destination was Candor Chasma, which is approximately 2.5 [...]

Sol 3: Over hill, over dale

Today we embarked on some more ambitious EVAs. First we spent a good chunk of time working out how to get the existing database of 500+ GPS waypoints into our GPS units. We had to convert the waypoints from UTM 12 to lat/lon format. Luckily, Brian already had a spreadsheet set up [...]

Living on Mars

Possibly the biggest challenge to living within a cylindrical habitat with five other people is adjusting to the fact that outside is considered hostile. There are no leisurely walks, no strolls through the park, and no lying in grass watching clouds drift by. To speak of it, there’s no grass to speak of! Aside from [...]

Sol 2: Patisserie Pyrotechnics

We were fortunate with the weather once again today: dazzling sun bouncing off the red hills and white snow. We stayed closer to the Hab, with both of our EVAs devoted to the final steps needed to get the radio telescope operational. During the first expedition outside, Mike and Brian dug up the [...]

The Painted Desert

I really cannot exaggerate the beauty of the surroundings we find ourselves in at the Mars Desert Research Station. I grew up in southeastern Utah, so I might have expected to be inured to it—but really, it is just phenomenal. During yesterday’s EVAs, we got to see a lot of the stunning sights, [...]

Sol 1: Into the great outdoors

oday was an ultra-productive day, composed of learning how things work, putting other things in order, and our first two in-simulation excursions outside the Hab (EVAs)! The sun came up dazzlingly bright and fixed a spotlight (through the large Hab porthole) on our post-breakfast crew planning meeting. We then split into two groups: [...]