Welcome! Please contribute your ideas for what challenges we might aspire to solve, changes in our community that can improve machine learning impact, and examples of machine learning projects that have had tangible impact.
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Conference forum for connecting domain experts and ML researchers
  • Could we organize a track or session or workshop, at a conference such as ICML or AAAI (etc.), aimed at bringing domain experts and ML researchers together in the same place?  This is a challenge since domain experts may not want to travel to (and pay for) a conference outside of their own specialities.

    What if it were more focused, with more obvious benefits, like a stated goal of identifying Problems of Import to Science and Society, with the chance to also forge collaborative connections with AI/ML experts.  Or even to identify a list of concrete (and realistic, and measurable) Challenges of the kind sought by this work.  The output could be a paper co-authored by all contributors for submission to a machine learning journal (to kick-start new research areas). 
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  • I am the chair of the American Meteorological Society's AI committee and I'd be glad to organize something at our annual meeting (about 27 simultaneous conferences in one location) if AI/ML people wanted to come.  I'm usually one of just a few CS people there.  The majority are atmospheric scientists.  Likewise, I could try to ask people to come to an AI conference but you run into the same problem:  why should the domain people come to an AI conference?   
  • You're right, we might have more success organizing something at the various scientific conferences.  It puts more of the onus on us, but if we really do want to connect and focus on impact, maybe it's worth that initial (or more likely, periodic) investment of time and effort.  Starting with 1-2 conferences, especially those we already have inroads at (like Amy's connection to AMA) might be a manageable chunk to bite off.  I often attend LPSC or AGU (planetary science and geology) and might be able to do something similar with that domain (although I am not a high-level organizer like Amy, so it might be more challenging).
  • It is AMS not AMA :)  If anyone is interested in AMS, the call for participation for our conference is here:

    If people wanted to come and do a discussion like she is talking about, I'll be glad to organize it.  I need more than me to be there though!  It is in Austin, which is a great place for AI.  Maybe we could tie into that somehow?
  • The summer conferences are approaching... another chance to consider this idea?
  • Members of the Data Science for Social Good fellowship are presenting their work at KDD this year. Many of the fellows are domain-experts who used machine learning for high social impact projects.


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