Finally, an extra-loose bindoff!

Today I learned how to do an extra-loose bindoff for a scarf I’m knitting. I’d rate myself as an “intermediate” knitter — willing to try new techniques, patterns, and stitches, but still needing some good instructions (or a knowledgable friend) to venture into the unknown.

The scarf I’m knitting is a Moebius Scarf. That is, like a Moebius strip, it has only one side (achieved with an ingenious twist in the circular needle setup — kudos to Cat Bordhi and her book, “Magical Knitting”!). Interestingly, for the purposes of knitting (but also obviously, if you were to think it through), a Moebius strip also has only one edge. So you knit around and around and that makes the scarf grow outwards, on both sides, from the center. It’s great fun, in terms of knitting and topology.

At any rate, once this scarf comes off the needles, you want it to have a lot of flex, so that it can drape fetchingly around your neck, rather than bunching up along the edges due to a too-tight bindoff. Binding off too tightly is a common affliction, so that many knitting books recommend using a larger needle once you get to this final step; but who really has a second set of somewhat-larger needles ready for every project they attempt?

Magical Knitting recommends the following solution:

Knit 2, * insert left needle through the front of 2 stitches on the right needle, knit 1 (dropping both stitches off), knit 1. Repeat from *.


And so it begins…

Today I learned how to set up a WordPress weblog. Turns out that it’s almost freakishly simple, at least when going through dreamhost: a one-click install and boom! you have a weblog. A second click lets you select a theme. What could be easier?

I may start playing around with the theme configuration. One of the items on my current “I want to learn” list is acquiring more experience with CSS and stylesheets.

Oh, right, I guess it’s typical for a “first post” to provide some information about the intention and the motivation for this composition. It’s simple. I don’t like to lose things. I particularly don’t like to lose knowledge or skills. So this weblog is hereby established to record tidbits I learn each day, that I may review and re-know them whenever I like. And for you, dear reader, there are two possible benefits: you may also learn something that you didn’t previously know — or, if I relate something that you’ve already encountered or acquired, you may revel in the warm blush of your superiority. Win/win!