A precise dose of words

Constrained art forms, like haiku or alliterative poetry or Weird Al parodies, have always intrigued me: I admire those who can create while laboring under (sometimes quite strict) limitations. Yesterday, I happened upon 100wordstories.com. Each day, they post a topic, and seven primary contributors write a story on that topic, using exactly 100 words, no more, no less. Visitors are encouraged to post their own stories.

The most recent topic was from June 19: “No one is listening.” Always up for a challenge, I posted this story:

A Furtive Caesura

My entrance is coming up in thirty seconds. I can hear the pirate’s brassy threats and Lisa’s pleading replies. I’m about to sweep in and save her from the villain. I brush at the curtain with my sword and check the timing. Twenty seconds left.

I duck away from the bright stage entrance and slip the note into her red canvas bookbag. I’m back at the curtain with three seconds to go. One deep breath, and I’m striding onto the stage, sword at the ready, howling for the pirate to let Lisa go. She’ll find out about the breakup later.

You can contribute your own story here.

(This post is also 100 words.)