The Final Project has multiple due dates:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 19: Submit your IEEE paper selection
  • Monday, Nov. 7: Submit your paper draft
  • Mon/Weds, Nov. 28-30: Class presentation
  • Tuesday, Dec. 6: Submit your final paper

Presentation Schedule:

Monday, November 28

  • Austin Sharp: The Strela
  • Cody Hyman: Postwar General Purpose Analog Computing
  • Austin Valeske: The Airy Tape

Wednesday, November 30

  • Nathan Hinkle: The History of Fonts
  • Mai Nguyen: Human Factors and the Dawn of Human-Computer Interaction
  • Nick Lowery: The Roots of Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Andrew Atkinson: Arthur Lee Samuel
  • Kevin Hess: Video Games
  • John Diebold: The Development of Electronic Stock Tickers
  • Jenelle Parson: Digitalization of the Slot Machine
  • Manali Paralkar: Hearing Aids and the History of Electronic Miniaturization
  • Sarah Fine: Changing Times and Digitization: The Business of Photography