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Sol 14: Re-entry

Our last day at MDRS dawned rather solemnly, with everyone up by 8, packing and tidying, but feeling a bit at loose ends. Would we have our regular morning meeting? Or had our routine already evaporated? Eventually we all did sit down for breakfast together, which felt comfortingly normal, and then we [...]

Mars Dessert Research Station

Living far away from friends and family on another planet, isolated from all the comforts of home, dealing with easily handled problems on Earth in a Martian environment can all be frustrating and draining on one’s energy level.
One of the ways to uplift spirits, besides a good game of Guesstures, is cooking or baking [...]

Sol 7: Mopping on Mars and exploring Radio Ridge

Today we had a real weekend day on Mars! We breakfasted on a delicious, fresh-baked casserole made of reconstituted egg whites, Velveeta cheese, and pre-cooked bacon, based on a recipe Carla found. Then we spent a couple of hours cleaning house—wiping, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.It was warm enough, and the work strenuous enough, [...]


I just returned from my second shower here at MDRS. That’s right, we have showers! The Hab’s shower was not functional when we arrived. However, our brilliant engineer Darrel was able to track down the problem and rig a fix, which he firmed up today with a propane torch and some solder. [...]

Live action MDRS Crew 89!

We have posted two videos, one of our early EVAs and one of our first Jazzercise session. You can view them, and more videos as they become available, at the MDRS Crew 89 Videos page. Enjoy!

Sol 6: Man down!

While out on an EVA today, Darrel broke his leg. He had someone with him, of course—in this case, Mike—who was able to radio back to the Hab about the accident and request emergency assistance. Brian, Carla, and Kiri quickly suited up, and Luis remained behind to serve as HabCom and monitor our [...]

How far would you go to stay “in sim”?

The goal of this exercise is to live and work in a simulated Mars environment. But obviously we aren’t actually on Mars, and it is physically possible to go outside and breathe the atmosphere here (although it has been so cold that actually surviving the night outside the Hab would be challenging!). So [...]

Sol 4: Snow day!

We woke up to about 2 inches of snow on the ground, shrouding the red hills in a crisp blanket of white. Everyone wanted to pitch in for engineering rounds, to have an excuse to get outside! (We can check on the Green Hab, ATVs, and Musk Observatory “in sim” via marked rock [...]

Living on Mars

Possibly the biggest challenge to living within a cylindrical habitat with five other people is adjusting to the fact that outside is considered hostile. There are no leisurely walks, no strolls through the park, and no lying in grass watching clouds drift by. To speak of it, there’s no grass to speak of! Aside from [...]

Sol 2: Patisserie Pyrotechnics

We were fortunate with the weather once again today: dazzling sun bouncing off the red hills and white snow. We stayed closer to the Hab, with both of our EVAs devoted to the final steps needed to get the radio telescope operational. During the first expedition outside, Mike and Brian dug up the [...]