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Live action MDRS Crew 89!

We have posted two videos, one of our early EVAs and one of our first Jazzercise session. You can view them, and more videos as they become available, at the MDRS Crew 89 Videos page. Enjoy!


  1. Tammy Haroz says:

    Missed the Capoeira workout – requesting video of another Capoeira session 🙂

  2. jim says:

    Thanks – The “pi” shirt works so well in the first video. 🙂

    I love the scenery in the second one. Practically speaking, is there a distance where you’d take the ATVs versus, say, hoofing it?

  3. Jim:
    It mostly depends on the distance, weather conditions, and the purpose of the EVA. If a large amount of samples need to be collected, even from nearby, then taking the ATVs makes sense due to the added weight that would slow down the return journey. Likewise, a longer distance EVA, such as EVA #8, that is performed is poor weather conditions, it can be unsafe to drive the ATVs even if the destination is further away.

    In a similar sense to distance, the ATVs are also limited by a series of roads and trails that they must stay on. So, based on the road layout and a planned destination, taking the ATVs may end up covering twice the distance in almost the same amount of time as walking.

    It’s usually a judgement call immediately prior to the EVA, but usually a destination further than a kilometer or two will warrant taking our rovers out for a ride.

  4. Sam says:

    Awesome Jazzercise on Mars! You all looked great! And I recognized that last stretch routine – one of my favorites.
    –Sam, Kiri’s former Jazzercise partner

  5. Kiri says:

    Sam, so good to hear from you! Yep, I had to bring the Jazzercise along. Thanks for getting me interested in it originally! 🙂