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Sol 13: Valles Marineris, Mount Sagewood, and the elusive caves

Today our crew was interviewed by Amnon Govrin, a space enthusiast blogger. He brought his twin 9-year-old sons, and we had a good time showing all three of them around our Hab, GreenHab, Musk Observatory, and Engineering Station. Amnon came equipped with a sharp camera and a list of questions for us. [...]

Sol 12: Nightrider part 2

Brian showed me how the software worked so that I could help him prepare it for shot data collection. We had to update the current position each time Luis moved, and update the position of the land streamer each time we advanced it. It was good to have two people who could operate [...]

Sol 12: Nightrider part 1

I spent half of today up on Radio Ridge assisting with Brian’s seismic survey. He’d gone out yesterday with Luis and Darrel to start the survey, but they’d had their EVA truncated when the Panasonic Toughbook they were using fell off the ATV and yanked the Ethernet port entirely out of the PCMCIA card, [...]

Sol 11: Seismic Shenanigans

After abdicating some tantalizing EVAs for the past three days on account of my not feeling well, I was looking forward to getting outside today and finally starting my seismic research project. I had originally planned to do the first seismic EVA yesterday, but I just wasn’t ready, so Kiri led the geology section [...]

Sol 10: Stratigraphy and Clue

Today during our morning planning meeting, we discussed what our remaining goals for the mission would be. Our first week was a constant barrage of learning new procedures (for science investigations adapted to this environment; for keeping ourselves fed, watered, and clean; and for keeping the Hab functioning). Now that we’ve found our [...]

Sol 9: No Road

With only a half-dozen EVAs under my belt, and going no further north than Olympus Mons in any of them, I was eager to get on either the biology or geology/geophysics teams for one of their extended EVAs. As crew astronomer, my contributions to the Hab are basically done: the radio telescope alterations have been [...]

Sol 8: To the summit of Olympus Mons!

Edit: You can now watch a video of EVA 14 to Olympus Mons!
After breakfast, we suited up for an expedition to Olympus Mons. Darrel, Mike, and I had previously journeyed to the base of this striking natural feature, but we had had to turn back due to the limited time of our EVA. [...]

Sol 7: Mopping on Mars and exploring Radio Ridge

Today we had a real weekend day on Mars! We breakfasted on a delicious, fresh-baked casserole made of reconstituted egg whites, Velveeta cheese, and pre-cooked bacon, based on a recipe Carla found. Then we spent a couple of hours cleaning house—wiping, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.It was warm enough, and the work strenuous enough, [...]

Live action MDRS Crew 89!

We have posted two videos, one of our early EVAs and one of our first Jazzercise session. You can view them, and more videos as they become available, at the MDRS Crew 89 Videos page. Enjoy!

Sol 6: Man down!

While out on an EVA today, Darrel broke his leg. He had someone with him, of course—in this case, Mike—who was able to radio back to the Hab about the accident and request emergency assistance. Brian, Carla, and Kiri quickly suited up, and Luis remained behind to serve as HabCom and monitor our [...]